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Lipstick Angels
Welcome to my personal blog! I mostly reblog photography, anime, music from all over (some indie), fashion,and really hot guys ;) I also write drama and anime reviews so click on the "review" tab if you want to see.
-In school trying to get senpai to notice me-
-Theme inspired by the Korean girl group, f(x)-
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i love myself because im pretty and i dont give off any weeaboo vibes irl. like you would never guess that i almost cried today because my favorite character appeared in an anime!! i like that about myself.. at least i seem like i have dignity on the outside.

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Je suis etudie francais et je n’imagine pas ce voudras un peu difficule

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GQ is like that one super attractive straight guy friend you have who lets you sit on his lap when you’re at happy hour.

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me at a straight boy’s house 

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These are all so beautiful and functional. 

ah yes, i see the bedroom fandom is growing.  


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princess on the streets. also a princess in the sheets. dont touch me im royalty.

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