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Lipstick Angels
Welcome to my personal blog! I mostly reblog photography, anime, music from all over (some indie), fashion,and really hot guys ;) I also write drama and anime reviews so click on the "review" tab if you want to see.
-Theme inspired by the Korean girl group, f(x)-
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I’m watching shiki right what the hell is this show? lol

like gurl why are you so obsessed?

Breath…or not breathe, you’re choice


if youre attractive and you talk to me first, chances are im very confused

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Xiao Wen Ju photographed by Solve Sundsbo for i-D Magazine Summer 2013

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Nam Joo Hyuk - @Star1 Magazine July Issue ‘14

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Nam Joo Hyuk - @Star1 Magazine July Issue ‘14

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Park Min Woo - @Star1 Magazine


Alive: The Final Evolution — Taisuke x Nami [part III]

Please stay here.

DIY: iPhone Cover Collage »



We spotted this triangle collage iPhone case from Free People a few days ago and debated spending the $14 on one. That was until we saw a plain white case at Five Below and got creative!


Materials: Mod Podge, Scissors, a paintbrush, a blank iPhone case, magazine pages or wallpaper.