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Hey peeps and followers! It is now week 5 post op of the spinal fusion surgery and I feel great! im back to the old me. Being back and all, I kind of remembered I owed you guys a couple posts like an apple event and Blood C. Also my experience in the hospital and rehab on my other blog. So I’m here scambling to write those post so sorry for the delay.

I watched the apple event press conference and like the panda above, I was like WTF?!!!!!! Apple why?!!!!!!!!!

First up, no changes to the ipod classic. no new software. no new model. nada. Which made me quite upset because Apple hasn’t updated it since 2009. 2009 folks. Apple tsk tsk

Second, not many changes to the ipod touch. A couple new apps and the big one Apple is riding on is Imessage. This allows the itouch users to send messages without the use of a phone. This is niffy and all but it only works to other Ipads and Iphones and I think other Ipod touches. Its like having a phone and the only people you can text are the ones from your company. Kind of pointless really. Also you can now get your ipod touch in white! goodie but I kind of expected this 4 years ago when the first gen. ipod came out. The price for the 8 gb touch was reduced to $199 while the 32 gb and 64 gb is still $299 and $399 respectfully. 

With the nano there were some new features (software) introduced. There is now 16 new clock faces, larger icons, and added fitness features. For those of you who bought the nano last year, there is a free software update available on itunes. With the actual model, the only difference is the volume buttons are spaced out more and the nano is now lighter than previous generations.

With that done, Apple mainly focused on ICloud, a software that let’s Apple store all your data and share it with your apple products…for a price and the Iphone 4S.

I don’t know why but I get the feeling Apple maybe doesn’t care too much about their ipods anymore and rather focusing on the Iphones. Truthfully, i’m very disappointed in Apple this year with their ipods. Nothing brand new really. Guess we have to wait till next year if they change their ipods.

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  1. sophmartin1 said: I’m not exactly sure this might be the reason for the discontinuation of ipod generations or not, but usually, the infamous Steve Jobs, who has recently past away, comes up with or makes them. I think I may need to do further research on this.
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